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how to remove lexus es300 stereo

how to remove lexus es300 stereo

The stock stereo in a Lexus es300 featured an AM/FM radio, tape deck and a CD player. In the time since the car hit the market, technology has advanced and now there are more features that can be installed in the dashboard. Features such as Bluetooth, a motorized screen or an in-dash DVD player can be added to the car by purchasing and installing an aftermarket car stereo. Before you do that, you have to remove the old radio.
So,Still Have No Clue about how to remove lexus es300 stereo? DIY or Go for  professional assistance? here we will tell you that if you've chosen to remove the lexus es300 Stereo radio by yourselves and don't know where to begin. You're not alone……
the following we will show you a lexus es300 radio removal Instructions

removing radio for Lexus es300

Lexus ES300

Step 1:  Unclip AC controls.
Step 2:  Remove 4 10mm bolts securing radio to vehicle.  Note:2 hidden near top, see picture.
Step 3:  Unclip radio and AC vents.

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