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How to Remove Honda Accord Radio

How to Remove Honda Accord Radio

Have you ever given a try to the Honda Accord products? Honda Accord survives in the intense and fierce competition among the market and enjoys good reputation for the high quality and they are very responsive to the needs of the customers. Even when the features of the cars are fantastic and excellent, some enthusiasts may want to replace the built-in car features like the stereo. We OemCarGps will tell you in this article on How to Remove Honda Accord Radio.
First of all you need to prepare the tools as the following. Flat-headed screwdrivers and tools to clear away the trim panel are needed. No matter who you are, you have to proceed with it with great care, especially the ones who have no idea about it at all.
Now let’s get started.
Use a screwdriver to disconnect the negative cable of the battery and the negative lead of the accord battery. Peer off the clock of the panel lied on the dash with flat-headed screwdriver. The space between the clock panel and trim panel should be suitable for the tool to fit in. Disconnect the wires until you have finished the process.
Unscrew the screw present onto the rear side with the screwdriver. You also need to unscrew the two screws provided to the bottom of the trim.
Draw the trim in the dash. In this case you are advised to begin from bottom. Detach the knobs for climate control from its wires. You can see that the panel is kept undisturbed.
 Unscrew the four screws provided around the brackets which are used for the purpose of stereo placing. Drag the aftermarket car stereo with some force on the sides of the system. You need to take the system out of the dash, as well as the wires connected.
You have now Removed Honda Accord Radio. You still need to remove the wires. Draw out the wires for the supply of power and disconnect them. Disconnect similarly cables of antenna. The wires which are attached to the speakers come in form of a group and are held by a binder. You need to remove the binder so as to disconnect the speakers.
Keep in mind that disconnecting the power and other things before detaching the system for the avoidance of accidents. Surely, after the Honda Accord Radio removal steps mentioned above, you have the wit to make it.

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