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How to Upgrate your Toyota Prius car gps navigation system

How to  Upgrate your Toyota Prius car gps navigation system

The technology is developed at a rather rapid speed and everything seems to change in full flourish. Car GPS Navigation is also a system that needs update every once in a while. As a owner or car fans of the Toyota Prius, you need to check out whether there is need for you to get the Toyota Prius Navigation update at certain frequency like once a month or so. But if you have a fair understanding of the Toyota Prius DVD Navigation concerning when to update or whether or not it needs update, you can refer to this article. The steps mentioned are simple to follow and easy to master. It can also be applied to other similar car DVD Navigations update.

Now let’s to come to the topic why there is need for you to have Toyota Prius Navigation updated. The principle of operation for the Toyota Pruis is not so complicated. It functions under the technical combination of the international GPS signals of the car and the information of the regional map, which enables the GPS to locate the coordinates of the vehicle and the region map DVD to show the POI, street name etc and to give you turn-by-turn driving instructions along the road. But what if the road is under construction, renamed or no longer exists due to the dangerous geological problems? If your Toyota GPS Navigation is not updated, you have probability of getting on the wrong way, driving into a dead end, reach the wrong destination. So it is of necessity for you to update the region map information DVD at a certain period of time in order to obtain the high degree of accuracy of the Toyota Pruis car DVD GPS Navigation System.

Now let’s check out whether or not there is need for you to get Toyota Prius Navigation updated. Press the "info-phone" button on the right of the navigation screen. Click the" Map Data" icon on the "information" screen. Locate and note the map version number at the top of the "Map Data" screen which is currently used by the navigation system. Contact your car dealership to see if there are changes or updates on the map in comparison with the system you have utilized now. It appears that seldom big changes take place in the large cities or metropolis if the yearly update of the system. Update or not is all up to you and is just only an option. If you are familiar with the cities, you do not really have to update. But for the others, it is better to have an update of the system in time.

Here we go with the Toyota Prius Navigation update steps. Push the "info-Phone" button on the right of the screen. Click the "Map Data" icon on the "information" screen. Click the "Eject DVD" icon on the bottom left corner of the "Map Data" screen. Wait until the screen automatically slides down and out, then expose both slots of CD and DVD. You have to push down and hold the "close" button on the upper left of the navigation panel for five seconds, if the navigation is not ejected, which will troubleshoot and eject the drivers of CD and DVD. Take out the ejected navigation DVD. Insert the new one with the label side up. Press the "close" button which locates on the upper left side of the navigation panel.

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