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Five steps instructions on how to install backup Camera

Install backup Camera

Cars have become a necessary part of our daily life and have wider popular appeal. There is a wide range of car electronic products and devices to choose in the vehicle market. People who have enthusiasm for cars have fondness for Car electronic devices and gadgets with every prospect. There is also trend to purchase the car gadgets on their own and do the DIY install for a large number of car owners. We OemCarGps will give you instructions on how to install backup Camera.
Before commence mounting the gadget, you have to prepare the following tools in advance. Here is a list of the tools: solder, screws, electrical tape and cordless drill.
First, determine a suitable position for the backup camera. It is advised to install the backup camera as close to the center of the car as possible. Besides, make certain that there will be no obstacle like hitches, bumpers or so that can decrease the field of vision.
Second, install the backup camera onto the car with mounting hardware. Since a number of backup cameras are designed to be mounted to the license plate frame, you have to make certain that the license plate is not obscured.
Third, find out the reverse light wire which is located either at the reverse light bulb or at the trailer harness. Have a test on the wire using a multi-meter. When the car is in all gears, the result will be 0 volts. In reverse, there will be 12 volts.
Fourth, fasten the power wire of the backup camera together to the reverse wire of the car. Use an electrical tape to seal the connection. Get a clean metal surface to ground to and then mount the camera’s ground wire using cordless drill and tapping screw.
Fifth, run signal wire of the vehicle to the monitor. Put the car in reverse and watch for a video signal to test if the connection and installation is OK.

The backup camera works with the video monitor together so as to help the drivers have a general and clear view of the situation behind the car when reversing the car. Usually speaking, the signal the video is passed from the backup camera to the monitor with no use of wires, while some car reverse camera require a signal wire running from the camera to the monitor. Both backup cameras have good and bad points. It is easy to install wireless backup camera, while hard-wired can display the situations behind better and cost less in comparison.
Install backup Camera on your own and have a safe journey.

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