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How to Install A1 Car Stereo Entertainment System?

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In cars, one of the most popular accessory is the car stereo. If you want your a1 car stereo professional installed, then it is going to cost you a lot. After already spending huge amounts of money in buying the car stereo systems, there is no point in spending an equally exorbitant amount of money on the installation. You can do it yourself and it is going to look just the same as the other days. All one would need is a couple of tool and time to understand the scenario.

Things You Would Need To Install A1 Car Stereo

You can buy kit for car stereo installation from the market. It is hardly going to cost you $50. There are some tools which are available in the market for just as low as $20. It is important to make sure that it has a DIN tool. You can also pick it up separately from the market. Unless, you have this DIN you are not going to be able to get the head unit out. Other things that you would need in the tool kit are crimpers, wire strippers, multimeter, connectors, splicing and electrical tape. One would need in-dash kit for receiver. This is specially picked out for different cars. There are universal ones too. These kits cost about $30.

Other Important Equipments for Installation of A1 Car Stereo

1) Wiring Adapter: Most of the models of cars have a plastic connection to plug in the stereo wires. There are power controls. Antenna, speakers, hook-ups and also auxiliary accessories are there which are bundled to only one or to connection. Wiring adapter helps hook up all the wires of a car in a single snap.

2) Car Stereo: You would of course need the car stereo that you wish to install. However, before you buy the stereo make sure that it will fit with your car dash.

3) Time: You would need few hours to install the entire matter. So, select a day when you have few hours with you. This way you will be able to finish up the entire matter and then you can enjoy listening to music.

Safety is also important when installing the a1 car stereo. The area around the car stereo should be completely dry. One would need to disconnect their negative battery cable. After you disconnect the battery and remove the old car stereo with the DIN, you can now install the wiring harness adapter and then install the in-dash receiver kit, the mounting sleeve and the new stereo.

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