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2003-2007 honda accord navigation dvd player

Honda GPS Navigation
   Many Honda Accord fans are looking for GPS Systems for their cars. With the exclusive GPS DVD Navigation, it provides the Accord customers not only the in-time voice service, lots of entertainments but also the exact and precise guide.
    OemCarGps collect the three 7th generation honda accord DVD navigations and make a comparison. Hope it can offer you essential suggestions for your selection.

   The Model AS-4500 2003-2007 honda Accord Navigation DVD player can support single zone climate control as well as dual zone climate control. Definitely this model is truly a successful innovation for the navigation world since it is the only model which can match the single zone climate control in the market. Remember to inform the dealers about your car climate control system when placing order.   
honda accord gps dvd player
As a customer, which size perfects your Accord vehicle is exactly what we should think about. The Model OCG-4702 2003-2007 honda Accord Navigation DVD player features 8-inch TFT LCD Touch Screen, while the other 2 Models feature only 7-inch Touch Screen. This Model is big enough like a laptop and you can watch the clearest screen. It will effectively serve your purpose if you’re a fan of TV shows, soap operas & movies, since they will be displayed perfectly on the 8-inch TFT LCD Touch Screen.

    The Model AS-4500B 2003-2007 honda Accord Navigation DVD player features 7-inch LCD Touch Screen. It offers the fabulous visual effect when the digital map is in use.  Instead of listening to the music and football on the radio, you can also enjoy it on the screen. In terms of the climate control, it can just support dual zone climate control like the Model OCG-4702 2003-2007 honda Accord Navigation DVD player.

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