Car Fuel Shark Saver

Car Fuel Shark Saver

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colorful mini usb Bullet car charger

colorful mini usb Bullet car charger

There are tons of reasons, in one word, it is the best you can find in aftermarket units!.

LEXUS IS250 Car GPS Navigation

LEXUS IS250 Car GPS Navigation

Latest Generation:1.Advanced ARM11 Architecture.2.Windows CE 6.0 Operation System.3.CPU Frequency:600MHz.



Factory Look! 1.7" Full Touch Screen! 2.HD 800*480 Resolution! 3.Brand New! 4. Free 4GB SD Card!.

Mazda 6 Car DVD GPS Navigation

Mazda 6 Car DVD GPS Navigation

7-Inch TFT LCE monitor(touch scree,handwite input) with DVD//VCD/CD/GPS/MP3/MP4/CD-R/CD-RW/Bluetooth/PIP Fuction......


Shopping mutimedia navigaiton system for your car on

Hi :
We are a company based in Shenzhen. We have the car multimedia navigation system for many cars like Ford, Chrysler, Cadillac, Chevrolet,GM,BMW,Audi,Mercedes, and many more ...

Using this multimedia device you can get GPS navigation, Reverse camera, DVD/TV inputs...

All these features will be on the original screen so you wont have to change the system or cutt any wires, It will also keep all original features...and can control from original OEM buttons.

If you are interested, visit our online store:, or send me an email at

hope to hear from you soon!


8″ inch full touch screen brand new honda spirior in-dash gps head unit with windows CE 6.0,bluetooth mp3 player functions

At the, an on-line store for in-dash dvd navigation system,you can find a best-selling product, the in-dash dvd player for honda spirior.why does this unit popular in our store?

First, it has big TFT LCD Digital Screen,the 8′inch full touch screen. with it,you can watch movie with you child when you are going on the trip.

then,built bluetooth mp3 player,this function is usefull whhen you have a mobile phone which supports the bluetooth audio output.

last,it can be installed if this model is the right one for your car,it will 100% match with original vehicle. no modificated installation.

So, if you are interesting in this unit,please click here:

More other products click here:


make a comparison of the four VW Amarok dvd gps navigation

Many VW Amarok car owners are searching for autoradio dvd gps navigation for their cars.Nowadays a in-dash dvd navigation system usually features GPS,DVD player,bluetooth,radio,iPod interface, USB plug, SD slot, rear view camera.It provides the VW Amarok customers not only the the exact and precise guide but also lots of entertainments.

OemCarGps collect the four VW Amarok dvd gps navigation and make a comparison. Hope it can offer you essential suggestions for your selection.

The Difference:

Touch screen

The four head unit both support Touch screen,but they have something difference with the size.The model OCG-5540 VW Amarok dvd player features 7 inch TFT LCD Digital touch screen,and the model OCG-G048 features 7 inch Digital TFT Touch-Screen.While the other two Models(Model K016 and Model K016T) feature a bigger 8 inch Digital TFT Touch-Screen.The bigger and more expensive.So it depends on your budget.
              OCG-5540                                          OCG-G048
             OCG-K016                                             OCG-016T                                                               

All models support TV functions,but it's means raising the price if you need TV function.In addition,The model OCG-5540 and OCG-G048 features Digital TV,while the other two models support analog TV.

Sum up,it's different among the four VW Amarok dvd gps touch screen navigation,but all of them  Include radio, DVD, GPS, bluetooth, iPod interface, USB plug, SD slot, rear view camera and touch screen.

In the end,remind you something.Before you decide to buy a new VW Amarok dvd gps, please make sure the dimensions of the unit is the same with your dash size as cars produced in different years could have different dash size.


how much is the car dvd player installation cost

Today, with the development of the oem fit in-dash car dvd navigation and its multiple user-friendly functions, the oem gps is much more popular among the drivers.So we can see more and more car owners begin to install a car dvd navigation in their car.No doubt that it can change your car into more versatile and amazing. However,do you know What is the price of the installation of car DVD player?
benz gps navigation oemcargps
Of course you don’t need to consider the cost if you are the same as the following two cases.First,buy an oem fit car dvd navigation. it usually is an all-in-one head unit and it’s designed almost as the same as the original factory unit. so it’s easy to install even if you are a green hand.Second, if you have much installation experience, you can DIY the dvd navigation installation anytime and anywhere.

What if you are not in above mentioned two cases? Surely the best way is that you go to seek professional person for help on the local 4s shop.However,it will cost you some money to make it done. Generally speaking, the installation fee ranges from US$70 to US$350.Some small installer shop usually charge for US$75 to US$80. The big companies could charge much higher,usually up to $200.


Oem fit in-dash TOYOTA AVENSIS head unit review

Are you searching for a new oem fit aftermarket TOYOTA AVENSIS dvd navigation system? if it is, check out this TOYOTA AVENSIS head unit and see if it’s right for you.

This TOYOTA AVENSIS gps navigation is an all-in-one head unit,it’s full of features and you won’t be disappointed.Maybe it’s a little higher on the price scale,but it means higher quality at the same time.In other words, if you have a different unit with similar features, this one will offer more and greatly improve upon those existing features. All in all, it’s a good deal for the price.

This TOYOTA AVENSIS dvd navigation can be installed easily,only if you have some basic knowledge of car dvd player installation, then you can do it well on your own.Even if you don’t know how to install it totally,don’t worry, call us with your problem, we will try our best to help you out.

And then let’s share the features of this unit together.

toyota avensis dvd playerBuilt-in Bluetooth Interfacetoyota avensis gps navigation

please compare the dimensions with your dash size as cars produced in different years could have different dash size, we’ll not be responsible for size compability issue. This unit is toyota standard unit, power cable is plug and play, audio output needs to be connected seperately.

Toyota dvd player Dimensions


Smart Fortwo oem fit in dash dvd navigation system

Today we have a real treat for you, our review of the new Smart Fortwo dvd navigation! This new unit offers an impressive array of features, but does it still provide the quality we’ve come to expect from high end entertainment units! Read to find out!

To begin, let’s do a breakdown of the impressive list of features this unit boasts!

7 Inch touchscreen

Although not the biggest screen, 7 inches is more than enough for most consumers. I wouldn’t want to do any really intensive work (ex. playing a video game) on such a tiny screen, but for normal use of gps, music, simple videos ect, this unit should be more than satisfying!

USB and SD

USB ports come pretty standard on most units nowadays, but SD card slots are sometimes overlooked. Personally, I don’t really care too much, but a lot of people like to have their songs pre loaded on a card in their head unit. If SD is important to you, then your luck. If not, well it’s still a nice touch!


One thing I really like about this device is how versatile it is. It supports most discs and media formats. So no matter how you have your video or audio saved you can count on this device to pull through. It also features an abundance of options to access your media! You can can obviously use the before mentioned USB and SD slots. Or, you can play discs through the build in drive player and auxiliary input. No matter what you have, there is a way on this device to access and play it!


If your a radio fan rest assured this has you covered. It comes with the ability to preset 30 channels, which I find insane! The sound quality is also very good! It’s a pleasure to listen to and comes with the required ports to hook up external speakers or sub woofers.

As you can see, the Smart Fortwo dvd navigation offers a very impressive list of features. However, I have heard of one complaint and that is the durability. There has been a few reports that the system is pretty delicate, and being rough with it can easily damage it. In most cases it would seem that the damage caused was do to misuse. In either case if your the type of person who is generally rough with their stuff you may want to consider a different unit. If you do treat yourself pretty good and take good care of your stuff then you should be fine.

Overall, this is a very good unit. The video and audio superb, and the impressive list of features is more befitting of a much higher end model. If your looking for a solid unit to take care of all your entertainment needs, then your going to be very happy!

How to Install Your New Car Audio/Video Equipment - 3 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Begin

When you first buy a new stereo system for your car you will probably be in a rush to hook it up and start listening right away. However, it pays to take a few steps back and think before you begin tearing out your dash. Before you begin ask yourself the following three questions:
1. How much experience do you have:
If you have experience working with car wiring before then you have a good start. If you're a novice you might want to just let the pros handle it or at least read up. Also, how knowledgeable are you of your vehicle specifically? Although the general procedure is going to be generally the same, there are some different steps you may have to take depending on the make of your car, so take those into consideration.
2. How much room do you have
Not all cars can easily fit all systems. If you have an older car your not going to just be able to plot some huge DvD screen into it. Your going to need to cut out some trim and create more space. This obviously makes it more complex and more likely you'll need to hire someones help. If you have never done it before, it is probably not the best idea to start tearing away at your trim on your brand new car. Your going to be really disappointed if you mess something up, and believe me it's really easy to cause some serious damage.
3. What tools will you need
Depending on your car and situation you'll need a set of different tools. Maybe you'll need to take out some screws or bolts. You might need to drill through your firewall in order to power your new unit. If trim needs to be taken off, you will need something to take care of that. Go through the procedure of what you will be doing and think of all the tools you will need. This will not only save time, but will help ensure you do it right. This also applies to miscellaneous supplies. Your going to need something to keep those wires together and, as much as it pains me to say this, duct tape wont work.
And there you have, Three questions to ask BEFORE you begin. I hope they got you thinking, and either:
A. Reassured you that what your about to do is doable and you posses the skills to take care of it.
B. Helped you realize this is out of your abilities and it might be wiser to bite the bullet and hire a professional to install it. Remember, a car's electronics system is a very costly repair.
So good luck on your endeavor's, whichever route you choose!
If your looking to buy a DvD player for your vehicle, but aren't sure which one. I HIGHLY suggest this site! They have reviews on all the top models and can really help decide which system is best for your vehicle.

Article Source:


8 inch touch screen autoradio fiat stilo dvd gps bluetooth

General functions:8 inch touch screen autoradio fiat stilo dvd gps with bluetooth,steering wheel control, can bus,tire pressure monitoring system,built-in FM/AM radio and E-book funciton.
this unit is a brand new oem fit aftermarket audio navigation system, it's designed only for the car model fiat stilo 2002 to 2010. If you have such a great car and you are suffering from the terrible car dvd player at the same time.then you really need to make a change.So why not we consider this excellent 8 inch touch screen autoradio fiat stilo dvd gps? i sure it will not disappoint you.Now, let's share their new features and functions together.


OCG-G045: 2012 Geely Emgrand EC7 car dvd player with navigation,radio,iPod interface

Generally speaking,With the improvement of living standards,people have higher requirements of comprehensive performance when they are planing to buy a car.For example, in order to avoid getting lost in strange places, people need a tool which can help them reach their destination accurately and a number of GPS navigation tools have been invented. people don't want to travel without entertainment, and then the car dvd player was invented.

But, The space of a car is limited, we could not buy a gps navigation,then car dvd, and then radio,TV etc. This is a lot of trouble. So the best choice is all-in-one car head unit. you need such a device: all the functions are designed in one unit.

2012 Geely Emgrand EC7 car dvd player with navigation,radio,iPod interface

As an owner of Geely Emgrand EC7, do you have such an all-in-one Geely Emgrand EC7 car dvd player installed in you car? If not, i have to say, you are acting out.

Why we need a brand new Geely Emgrand EC7 car dvd player? there are lots of reasonable reasons.

First of all, This item is not just a cool new car entertainment system but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, including radio, DVD, GPS, bluetooth, iPod interface, USB plug, SD slot, rear view camera and digital TV.

What's more, Buy the Geely Emgrand EC8 in-dash car dvd navigation, you can get:
1.Free shipping to anywhere EMS/DHL/UPS/FEDEX can reach.
2.A gift: 4GB Map Card.
3.We will repair or replace, at no charge to the purchaser, any merchandise found to be defective in material or workmanship, under normal use and conditions, for a peiriod of 12 month, from the date of destination arriving.

The Product Description

1. 7 inch Digital TFT Touch-Screen.
2. Resolution: 800*480
3. Built-in Bluetooth with A2DP for hands free call.
4. USB solt and SD interface.
5. Built-in GPS Function.
6. Dual zone function: drive car listen to music while viewing the map.
7. Compatible with DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW//DIVX(MPEG4)/VCD/MP3/CD/CD-R/CD-RW.
8. AM/FM Radio.
9. Digital TV (ISDB, ATSC or DVBT).
10. Steering wheel control(not all models, please ask for info).
11. Ipod supported.
12. Rear view camera included.
13. 4 x 45W amplifer
14. Operating System: Windows CE 6.0
15. Card Supported: SD/TF Card

What's in the box?

1.The Geely King Kong car audio navigation system.
2.remote control
3.Gps antenna
4.ipod cord
5.touch pen
6.4GB SD Card with GPS MAP
7.user manual
8.RCA cable
9.power cord reverse camera TV Receiver(DVB-T/ATSC/ISDB-T)

More detail of this car audio navigation system, please visit our online store.
The product link:


In-dash Dodge GPS navigation system with touch screen,bluetooth,TV

Dodge DVD player is going to bring you fantastic experience of in car entertainment, no matter you are going to entertain passengers or divert yourself while on the go.
Plug and play2
In-dash Dodge GPS navigation system will perfectly fit with your dashboard, in the installation process, you do not need to change wire or use harness, “Plug and play” makes installation a breeze.

Take Dodge caliber DVD player as an example, its size, its dimensions, no needs any trimming, connect power line, gdp line and etc. the head unit is going to run. Anyone with basic wire skills and basic knowledge on vehicle is capable to do this.

High definition touch screen, compatible with steering wheel control, analog TV,, Bluetooth hands-free phone and music and more, all these features will serve for you. Why not have a try?

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